Ed Tronick

Dr Ed Tronick (University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA) is a developmental and clinical psychologist and is recognized internationally as a researcher on infants and children and parenting.

He has co-authored and authored more than 200 scientific papers and chapters. Dr. Tronick’s research focuses on social-emotional development and self-regulatory processes in normal and compromised infants and young children and the effects of stress on infants and parents. He developed the Still-Face Paradigm and the Model of Mutual Regulation. More recently he has worked on co-creative processes of the expansion meaning in the infant-adult in the therapeutic dyadic. He has carried out research in Zaire, Peru, and India on child rearing and development.

He co-developed the Neonatal behavioural Assessment and the Touchpoints Program with Berry Brazelton and is a master trainer. Recently, he and his colleague, Barry Lester published the NICU Network Neurobehavioural Assessment, a standardized instrument for assessing the neurobehavioural status of the newborn that has proved effective in making long term predictions. Dr. Tronick’s current research with his research team focuses on the area of Relational Psychophysiology.