Kim Golding

Kim Golding is a Clinical Psychologist living in Worcestershire, UK. Kim worked with children and families within the NHS for thirty years.

She specializes in working with parents or carers to develop their parenting skills tailored to the particular needs of the children they are caring for. She was involved in the setting up and evaluation of the Integrated Service for Looked After and Adopted Children; providing support for foster, adoptive and residential parents, schools and the range of professionals around the children growing up in care or in adoptive families. Kim now has her own business providing training, consultation and supervision.

Kim currently sits on the board of the DDP institute and is involved in accrediting and training other professionals in this approach. She is also a director of the Community Interest Company: ‘DDP Connects UK’

Kim is author of several books written for parents, educational staff and practitioners supporting children with experience of developmental trauma. Kim has additionally developed two DDP-informed programmes. ‘The Nurturing Attachments Training Resource’; and ‘Foundations for Attachment Training Resource’ Kim’s most recent book ‘Everyday Parenting with Love and security’ has been written to accompany Foundations for Attachment.